Professional Driver's Handbook

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Heavy vehicles are licensed in Saskatchewan according to their gross vehicle weight. Weight limits for both axle weights and gross weights are established separately under the act to protect highways and bridges. All drivers should be aware that these are separate requirements and that they cannot exceed a registered weight or a highway weight limit.

Saskatchewan has established different weight systems for various classes of highways. These are referred to as the Primary Highway System, the Secondary Highway System and the Municipal Highway System. Primary highways allow heavier gross weight limits than secondary highways.

Weight limits

For more information on weights and dimensions obtain a copy of the Saskatchewan Truckers' Guide from any SGI driver examination office or Highway Transport Patrol office. If you have questions about weights and limits, contact Commercial Vehicle Enforcement toll free at 1-866-933-5290.

Warning: The maximum weights allowed on public highways and bridges are subject to change. Spring road bans, as designated by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, usually come into effect sometime in the months of March and April. For further information, contact the Highway Hotline at 1-888-335-7623. The conscientious, professional driver should stay knowledgeable about current weights by occasionally contacting the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure.


Overweight permits are restricted to non-divisible loads and loads considered impractical to divide. Overweight permits are subject to certain conditions. Check with the SGI Permit Office at 1-800-667-7575.

Weight stations

Truck operators must report to weigh scales when so directed by an official highway sign.


Rev: 2017