Professional Driver's Handbook

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Trip inspection standard

Under regulations, all commercial vehicles (trucks/power units registered over 11,794 kg RGVW), and any trailers or semi trailers they are towing, must be inspected by the driver or a qualified person every 24 hours (when being operated).

Commercial vehicle operators are required to carry a copy of a completed trip inspection report for the current and previous day, and the applicable inspection schedule (i.e., schedule 1 for trucks and power units, schedule 2 for buses, or schedule 3 or 4 for motor coaches). You must produce these documents at the request of a peace officer.

Please refer to The Trip Inspection Regulations for more information and copies of the applicable inspection schedules.

Note: There are some exemptions to the regulations. For more information contact the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure at 306-933-5290 or visit the website at


Rev: 2017