Professional Driver's Handbook

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Highway “turn-about“ (two-point turn)

Where it is necessary to turn a power unit semi trailer around on a highway where there is no hard surfaced intersection, you may use the following procedure. Use a guide whenever possible because you will be backing to your blind side.

  • Well before the place where you wish to turn around, signal right, mirror check, position your vehicle in the right hand lane as close to the edge of the road as possible.
  • Cancel the signal, proceed past the intersection and stop when the rear of the trailer is at least 9 m (30 ft.) from the intersection. Turn on four-way flashers.
  • Check for traffic.
  • Begin backing up slowly. Start turning steering wheel to the left approximately 9 m (30 ft.) before the trailer reaches the approach.
  • Continue backing manoeuvre until the unit is positioned in a straight line on the approach and stop. Turn off four-way flashers.
  • Check for traffic.
  • Signal for a left turn, check for traffic again and proceed to make a left turn onto the highway.
Two-point-turnFor single units refer to School buses - Driving techniques.



Rev: 2017