Professional Driver's Handbook

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Saskatchewan's classified driver's licence program

The classified driver's licence program establishes minimum standards of skill, knowledge, physical and mental fitness for the operation of each class of vehicle. You must be licensed according to the class of vehicle you will be operating.

When you apply for a Saskatchewan driver's licence, you must complete the prescribed examinations if:

  • you have never been licensed as a driver; or
  • you have not held a Saskatchewan driver's licence of the class for which you are applying within five years of the date of application; or
  • you hold a current licence from any state or country which is not honoured in Saskatchewan; or
  • you wish to change to a higher class of licence or to obtain an endorsement; or
  • your licence is not current and valid.

You will be considered a novice driver if you hold a:

  • Class 7 driver's licence; or
  • Class 5 driver's licence with a Novice 1 or Novice 2 restriction noted on the driver's licence; or
  • licence issued by another jurisdiction that is equivalent to a driver's licence described in either clause above.

Novice drivers may not obtain a Class 1, 2, 3, 4 or school bus endorsement or a heavy trailer endorsement.

Note: Not being paid to drive or not owning the vehicle you are driving does not exempt you from holding the appropriate class of driver's licence for the class of vehicle you will be operating.


Rev: 2017