Professional Driver's Handbook

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Class 7 licence


Minimum age: 161 (15 with High School Driver Education)

Permits the licence holder to operate

  • Class 5 vehicles as a learner

Note: Does not permit the licence holder to obtain a motorcycle endorsement or operate three-wheeled vehicles as a learner.


KNOWLEDGE TESTS - Class 7 knowledge tests include: Basic and Sign
IDENTIFICATION - You are required to show your full name and date of birth by a birth certificate, passport or immigration documents. You will also be required to provide a signature from a Saskatchewan Health card, passport or a driver's licence from a Canadian jurisdiction or any document acceptable to SGI. Any first-time driver between the ages of 15 and 18 is required to provide a completed Parent/Guardian signature form/Guarantor form available from SGI Driver Development, motor licence issuers or SGI certified driver educators. If your name has changed due to marriage or for other reasons, please bring documentation to support the name change. Be sure to take several pieces of original identification with you (photocopies are not acceptable).

The holder of a Class 7 licence must be supervised. The driving supervisor must:

  • at all times, be capable of assuming operation of the vehicle;
  • hold the equivalent of a Class 5 or greater driver's licence issued by a Canadian or U.S. jurisdiction;
  • have held a valid licence for a minimum of 365 days in the preceding three years (but is not a novice driver); and
  • occupy the seat nearest to the driver and the vehicle controls.

The licence of any 15-year-old person who discontinues the High School Driver Education Program will be cancelled.


  1. Persons under age 18 require parental consent to obtain driving privileges. Once consent has been granted it cannot be withdrawn.


Rev: 2017