Professional Driver's Handbook

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Class 3 licence

Dump truck

Permits the licence holder to operate

  • Class 3 vehicles - that is, trucks with more than two axles, except trucks registered in Class F, and trucks with more than two axles which have a trailer(s) or vehicle(s) in tow, except trucks registered in Class F, where the gross weight of the towed unit(s) does not exceed 4,600 kg
  • Motor vehicles in classes 4 and 5
  • Power units with more than two axles, when not towing a semi trailer
  • Class 1 or 2 vehicles as a learner with appropriate endorsement

Does not permit the licence holder to operate

  • Vehicles with air brakes1, motorcycles or school buses without an appropriate endorsement(s)


MINIMUM AGE - 18 years and not a novice driver
MEDICALLY FIT - See Medical requirements in the Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook
ROAD TEST - Must take a road test in a Class 3 vehicle
KNOWLEDGE TESTS - Class 3 knowledge tests include: Class 3, Class 4, Basic and Sign


  1. Persons with Class 3 or 5 vehicles (registered farm only) with air brakes are not required to have the air brake endorsement.


Rev: 2017