Professional Driver's Handbook

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Canada/United States medical reciprocity agreement

Operating Class 5 vehicles in the United States

In Canada, a Class 5 driver's licence does not require a medical exam and is not considered a commercial driver's licence. However, the driver of a Class 5 vehicle, operating in the United States for a commercial purpose, must have a commercial medical if the vehicle or vehicle combination weighs or has a rated capacity (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) over 4,536 kg.

The U.S. commercial medical requirements also apply to farm-use vehicles registered in Class F, but do not apply to private-use vehicles (e.g., when vacationing in the United States towing a recreational vehicle).

To ensure compliance with the United States FMCSA medical standards when driving a Class 5 vehicle or combination of vehicles that has a GVW, GVWR or Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) of 4,536 kg or more (whichever is greater), make sure you hold one of the following driver's licenses:

  1. a valid Saskatchewan Class 5 driver's licence combined with a Medical Confirmation Letter issued by the SGI Medical Review Unit notifying enforcement that you have submitted a satisfactory medical to SGI
    • To request a Medical Confirmation Letter, you must submit a satisfactory Commercial Driver's Licence Medical Report form to the Medical Review Unit. Medical Confirmation Letters must be renewed every five years from the date the last medical was completed for drivers 18 to 45 years of age, three years for drivers 46 to 65 years of age and annually for drivers 66 years of age or older.
  2. a valid Class 5 licence with an Endorsement 1, 2, 3 or 4 learner’s licence issued by Saskatchewan (includes a commercial medical)
  3. a valid Saskatchewan Class 5 driver's licence with a G01 Heavy Trailer Endorsement (includes a commercial medical) permitting you to drive two-axle trucks (not including two-axle power units) towing trailers more than 4,600 kg
  4. a valid Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 driver's licence issued by a Canadian province or territory
  5. the appropriate class of U.S. driver's licence combined with a valid medical certificate (or exemption), if not a Canadian resident
  6. a valid Class 5 (or equivalent) driver's licence issued by a Canadian province or territory combined with a current U.S. medical examiner's certificate completed within the last two years

For more information, please contact the SGI Medical Review Unit at 1-844-TLK-2SGI (1-844-855-2744).


Rev: 2017