Motorcycle Driver’s Handbook

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Registering your motorcycle

All motorcycles operated on a public highway (roadway) must be registered.

The certificate of registration should be carried with the operator and must be produced when requested by a police officer.

Documents required

  1. New vehicle: A bill of sale and a New Vehicle Information Statement (new vehicles only) or manufacturer’s Statement of Origin are required to register the vehicle.
  2. Transfer from another province: Current out-of-province registration is acceptable as proof of ownership provided that the same name also appears on the Saskatchewan application. A mechanical fitness inspection from an SGI certified inspection station is required for any motorcycle most recently registered in another jurisdiction.
  3. Imported motorcycle: A K22 Customs Clearance Card must be presented. A mechanical fitness inspection from a SGI certified inspection station is required for any imported motorcycle (unless the motorcycle is new and accompanied by a manufacturer’s Statement of Origin).
  4. Proof of identity: A birth certificate or passport with a second identification document must be presented when an applicant has not previously been issued a customer number. Only original documents (not photocopies) are acceptable.
  5. Total loss vehicle: A mechanical fitness inspection from an SGI certified inspection station is required for any motorcycle that has been deemed a total loss.

Where to go

You can register your motorcycle at any SGI motor licence issuer. You may select a vehicle registration term of 28 days to 365 days.

New residents

Motorcycles are required to be registered with Saskatchewan plates within 90 days of establishing residency.


Compulsory minimum insurance coverage is included with registration of motorcycles.

Basic insurance rates vary according to the year and engine capacity of the motorcycle. Additional coverage in the form of an extension policy may be obtained from any insurance company.

A certificate of registration is proof of financial responsibility. This document is the motor vehicle liability insurance card and must be presented as proof of financial responsibility when requested.


The licence plates and vehicle registration can be returned to any motor licence issuer or to SGI at 2260 – 11th Avenue, Regina, SK, S4P 2N7 with a request for cancellation.

Renewal information

A renewal application will be mailed to you approximately one month before your registration term expires. Renewal applications are forwarded to the address indicated on the registration certificate. If these renewals are not received by two weeks before your expiry date, proceed to any motor licence issuer office and complete an amended renewal application.

Provincial Sales Tax (PST)

The PST must be collected on all vehicles registered for the first time in Saskatchewan. Some motorcycles may be tax exempt.

For more information, contact the Ministry of Finance at 306-787-6768.

Motorcycle injury insurance

In 2016, motorcycle owners will have three options for injury coverage:

  • the full package of No Fault injury benefits (see page 7); or
  • Tort coverage (see page 7); or,
  • a reduced package of No Fault injury benefits.

The insurance rate for any of the three options is dependent on the make and model of motorcycle, and its claims experience.

Reduced No Fault injury insurance

In 2016, SGI will be offering the reduced No Fault injury coverage option to motorcycle owners.

This coverage is only available for motorcycles and offers the same level of benefits provided under the current Tort product, but without the ability to sue.

For more information on these coverages visit SGI - Reduced No Fault injury insurance.


Rev: 2015