Motorcycle Driver’s Handbook

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Left turn in front of motorcycle

The most common cause of motorcycle/car collisions is the car turning left in front of the motorcycle. The car driver either doesn’t see the motorcycle or misjudges its speed. The motorcycle rider may not be completely innocent in this situation if the motorcycle is going faster than the driver would expect. When you approach an intersection with a car waiting to turn left:

  1. Prepare to reduce speed and be ready to brake.
  2. Get ready to blow the horn.
  3. Think about what you’ll do if the car turns in front of you. Where will you go? Is there a clear area to swerve? How fast will your bike stop on that pavement?
  4. Don’t let your mind focus too long on the left-turning vehicle. Is there something else in the intersection that could cause trouble too, like another car or a pedestrian?
Left turn in front of motorcycle


Rev: 2015