Motorcycle Driver’s Handbook

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Lane changes

Weaving in and out of heavy traffic is a sure sign of a careless rider.

When you have to change lanes or change position in a lane, make sure there’s no overtaking traffic. When it is safe, look, then signal and look again before changing lanes.

Turn your head and make a shoulder check. motorcyclist's head

Turn your head and make a shoulder check.  That’s the only sure way to see a vehicle behind you in the next lane, so it’s particularly important. There’s very little chance a driver in the next lane can react quickly enough to avoid you once you’ve started to move.

Check the far lanes as well as the one next to you. car car motorcyclist's head

On a roadway with several lanes, check the far lanes as well as the one next to you. Another driver may be headed for the same space you are.


Rev: 2015