Motorcycle Driver’s Handbook

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Keep the group together

Another way to prevent “catch-up” is to keep the group together. There are several ways of doing this.

Plan ahead

If you are the leader, look ahead for changes. Give signals early so others know your intentions in plenty of time. Start lane changes early enough to allow everyone to complete the change. The leader should use hand signals where possible, in addition to electronic signals.

Put beginners up front

Place inexperienced riders behind the leader, where they can be watched by more experienced riders.

Check the rider behind you

Agree on a pre-set pace. Use your mirror to keep an eye on the person behind you. If he or she falls behind, slow down. If everyone does this, the group will stay with the tailender.

Know the route

Make sure everybody knows the route. Then if someone is separated for a moment, he or she won’t have to hurry for fear of taking a wrong turn.


Rev: 2015