Motorcycle Driver’s Handbook

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2014 riding season

  1. Increased requirements for drivers getting a motorcycle learner’s licence (Endorsement 6).

    Anyone applying for a motorcycle learner’s licence must:

    • hold a Class 5 or higher driver’s licence; and
    • pass a basic ability road test or successfully complete an approved motorcycle training course. New riders are limited to three attempts at the basic ability road test, before they are required to take an SGI-approved motorcycle training course.
  2. New requirements for riders in the Motorcycle Graduated Driver Licensing (MGDL) program (and any of their passengers):
    • have their arms and legs covered, wear hand-covering gloves, ankle-covering boots and an approved three-quarter, modular or full-face motorcycle helmet;
    • display appropriate placard on their licence plate to identify they are a new rider (red ‘L’ for Learner and green ‘N’ for Novice 1 or Novice 2)
    • zero blood alcohol content (BAC) and drug requirement for all MGDL riders and passengers, regardless of age
    • new night restriction for all motorcycle learners with a 6 Endorsement, prohibiting operation between 1/2 hour before sunset (dusk) and 1/2 hour after sunrise (dawn)
  3. Removal of:
    • The road test exemption for riders who acquired their motorcycle learner’s licence before June 18, 2009; requiring successful completion of the road test within two years.
    • The 100km radius restriction for those who have held a 6 Endorsement that was acquired before June 19, 2009.
    • MGDL side-car restriction.
  4. Requirement for a mechanical fitness inspection for a motorcycle that has been deemed a total loss or that was most recently registered in another jurisdiction.
  5. Changes to the Safe Driver Recognition (SDR) program, establishing new offences for MGDL restriction violations.
  6. In order to receive an SDR discount, the person registering the motorcycle must hold a full (experienced) valid M Endorsement. Drivers who enter the MGDL program after November 2014 will not be eligible for a discount on their motorcycles until they enter the Novice 2 stage of MGDL and take an SGI-approved motorcycle training course. (Customers who have acquired a 6 Endorsement or M Novice 1 or 2 prior to November 2014 will continue to be eligible for an SDR discount on any registered motorcycle, unless they are required to re-enter the MGDL program.)
  7. Zero blood alcohol content (BAC) or drug impairment for anyone in the MGDL program (regardlesss of age) or anyone under the age of 19 (even if they hold a full M Endorsement) while operating a motorcycle.
  8. Created new severe MGDL offences for:
    • exceeding speed limit by more than 35 km/h
    • exceeding speed limit by twice or greater than the posted speed limit
  9. Increase SDR and Driver Improvement Program consequences for all drivers and riders (to 3 points) for:
    • changing lanes when not safe to do so
    • failing to obey a licence restriction or endorsement
    • following too closely
    • improperly equipped motorcycle passenger or operator

2015 riding season

Additional requirements for all riders in the MGDL program:

  • Limit the engine size the rider is permitted to operate during the MGDL period to the size used during their basic ability road test or motorcycle road test. The engine size restriction will be waived for those who successfully complete an SGI-approved motorcycle training course. Existing MGDL riders are not affected unless they do not test out and re-enter the MGDL program

Planned for the 2016 riding season

Starting in 2016, there will be an additional $500 annual driver’s licence premium for riders entering the MGDL program. The premium will be waived for those who have successfully completed an SGI-approved motorcycle training program and the motorcycle training course fee will be refunded for riders who complete the MGDL program with no at-fault collisions or traffic convictions. Existing MGDL riders will not be required to pay the $500 premium unless they allow their learner’s licence to expire and later re-enter the MGDL program.

  • Require all motorcycle riders and passengers to wear eye protection (remove windshield exemption).

For more information on changes to motorcycle law please visit SGI - Motorcycle equipment standards.


Rev: 2015