Motorcycle Driver’s Handbook

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Brake light

You can help others notice you by tapping the brake pedal lightly to flash your brake light before you slow down. It’s important to flash your brake light as a signal that you’re going to slow down when you’re:

  • being closely followed
  • making a tight turn off a high-speed highway
  • slowing or turning in the middle of a block, at an alley or at some place where others might not expect you to turn

When you park, angle the motorcycle at a 45 degree angle and 15 cm from the curb. This gives you better visibility when pulling out, and other drivers on the street can see your parked motorcycle and won’t start to pull into the parking space. Also, the driver of the car parked ahead of you is more likely to see your motorcycle in the rearview mirror before backing up.


Rev: 2015