Motorcycle Driver’s Handbook

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Approved motorcycle training

SGI will waive the basic ability road test if the customer can produce evidence that they have successfully completed an SGI-approved motorcycle training course. Customers entering the MGDL program will not be eligible for an SDR discount on their motorcycle until they reach Novice 2 and complete an SGI-approved motorcycle training course.

An “R” restriction (limiting the rider to motorcycles 400cc or less) will be assigned to riders in the MGDL program that use a motorcycle with a 400cc engine displacement or less during the basic ability road test (6 Endorsement/Learners). The restriction expires when the rider completes the MGDL program (graduates from Novice 2) and becomes a fully experienced rider. The engine size restriction will be waived for those who successfully complete an approved motorcycle training course or retest on a motorcycle with a larger engine size.

Planned for 2016 is a $500 driver’s licence premium for customers entering the MGDL program, which will be waived for customers that completed an SGI-approved motorcycle training program and the training fees refunded for those customers that graduate from the program offence, at-fault collision and suspension free. In order to qualify as SGI-approved motorcycle training, the training must have been offered by a certified driver training school, using an approved curriculum and the course delivered by certified driver instructors, or an equivalent program approved by SGI.

For a list of certified motorcycle training schools, please visit and use the driver instructor search tool located under the Online services tab. For more information on acceptable training, please contact Driver Development at 1-844-TLK-2SGI (1-844-855-2744).


Rev: 2015