Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook

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Stopping and parking

You must move as far to the right as possible when stopping on a road.

When stopping on a rural road or highway you must be 30 m (98 ft.) away from any vehicle stopped on the opposite side of the road or highway.

Vehicles stopped on rural roads or highways at night must be marked with flares, hazard lights or reflectors. You must not tamper with the devices used to mark stopped vehicles.

You must come to a complete stop at all stop signs and at railway crossings where signals or gates are activated. After stopping, you may only proceed from a stop sign, or a railway crossing without gates, when it is safe to do so. You must also stop when signaled to by a police officer or a flagperson.

You must not park where painted curbs or signs prohibit parking.

If you must stop in your lane (possibly due to heavy traffic) always stop behind the crosswalk, before entering an intersection or before a railway crossing so you do not obstruct pedestrians or other traffic.


Rev: 2017