Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook

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Safe Driver Recognition

The Safe Driver Recognition (SDR) program rewards safe drivers with a discount on their vehicle insurance.

If you own or lease a vehicle registered in Class LV, PV or F (one ton model or smaller), you may be eligible to receive a discount on your vehicle insurance premium. That discount will apply to every qualifying vehicle you insure.

On the other hand, the program also ensures drivers who demonstrate risky behaviour pay their share in financial penalties - helping offset the costs of the discount for safe drivers.

Safety Rating Scale

Safety Zone - As long as your rating is zero or higher you will not pay a penalty.

Neutral Zone0Premium Base Insurance
Good Driver Zone12%
Great Driver Zone1120%
Safest Driver Zone2121%

Penalty Zone - Add $50 for every additional Penalty Zone point to a maximum of $1,0001

 PointsPenalty Per Incident
($1,000 max)
Penalty Zone-1$50

**For incidents that happened before Oct. 12, 2016, the penalty for each cumulative point in the Penalty Zone is $25.

How it works:

The Safety Zone - Discounts

For every year since 1995 that you have driven without an incident, you earn a safety point. Each point in the Safety Zone corresponds to a discount on your vehicle plate insurance, to a maximum of 25%.

Even if you do not own a vehicle, a positive rating in the Safety Zone is beneficial to you. It protects all safe drivers from financial penalties if they are involved in future incidents.

You only receive a financial penalty for an incident if it causes you to lose enough points to move you to the Penalty Zone on the scale. As long as you remain in the Safety Zone, you continue to receive some level of discount.

As of January 2015, to receive a discount on your motorcycle plates, the person registering the motorcycle must have a valid M Endorsement. Drivers who enter the Motorcycle Graduated Driver Licensing (MGDL) program after Dec. 31, 2014 will not be eligible for a discount on their motorcycle until they enter the Novice 2 stage of MGDL and take an SGI-approved motorcycle training course.

Note: Customers who have acquired a 6 Endorsement or M Endorsement Novice 1 or 2 prior to January 2015 will continue to be eligible for an SDR discount on any registered motorcycle, unless they are required to re-enter the MGDL program.

3 discount zones

  • Good Drivers Zone (+1 to +10) - If you’re in the Good Drivers Zone, you have earned enough safety rating points to receive a discount on your basic vehicle insurance. For each year you drive incident-free, you earn a safety rating point that gives you 2% off your basic vehicle insurance.
  • Great Drivers Zone (+11 to +20) - If you’re in the Great Drivers Zone, you have earned enough safety rating points to receive a 20% discount on your basic vehicle insurance, plus you have earned a cushion to shield you from losing some or all of your discount if you cause a collision or get traffic convictions in the future.
  • Safest Drivers Zone (+21 to +25) - If you’re in the Safest Drivers Zone, you have driven incident-free for more than 20 years. You earn an extra 1% discount for each additional year you drive incident-free up to a maximum discount of 25%.

The Penalty Zone - Financial penalties

Drivers lose points for unsafe driving - such as being at fault for a collision or certain traffic convictions and roadside suspensions. Driving disqualifications automatically move drivers to -20 or further, regardless of where they were on the scale prior.

Financial penalties are assessed for incidents that result in a safety rating below zero.

  • For incidents that occurred prior to Oct. 12, 2016, you are assessed a financial penalty of $25 for each point you move in the Penalty Zone (capped at a maximum penalty of $500).
  • For incidents that occur on or after Oct. 12, 2016, you are assessed a financial penalty of $50 for each point you move in the Penalty Zone (capped at a maximum penalty of $1,000).
  • The further an incident moves you into the Penalty Zone, the more you pay for that incident. The maximum penalties noted above apply to most incidents, with the following exceptions:
    • a penalty of $1,250 if convicted of impaired driving or driving with a blood alcohol level over 80 mg but less than 160 mg;
    • a penalty of $2,250 if convicted of driving with a blood alcohol level 160 mg or greater or failure/refusal to comply with the peace officer's demand

For Criminal Code offences resulting in injury or death, the penalty is $2,500.

Motorists are assessed the penalty immediately and have 90 days to pay the charge. These penalties are in addition to fines handed out by law enforcement for traffic convictions.

Moving out of the Penalty Zone

Each year of incident-free driving moves you one point back towards the Safety Zone. As long as you are moving towards the Safety Zone, you do not pay another financial penalty - you pay only your basic vehicle insurance premium. In other words, you do not pay your way out of the Penalty Zone - you drive your way out of the Penalty Zone, through safe driving.

After three consecutive years of safe driving, drivers still remaining in the Penalty Zone automatically move out of the Penalty Zone and return to neutral (the starting point), and can begin to earn points towards a discount again.


  1. Some Criminal Code convictions result in penalties up to $2,500.


Rev: 2017