Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook

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Rules related to vehicles

  • Tampering with a vehicle without the owner's permission is not permitted.
  • Climbing into or on a vehicle without the owner's permission is not permitted.
  • Throwing objects at a vehicle is not permitted. You may not watch a television, video screen or computer screen when driving unless the information displayed is solely designed to assist you in the safe operation of the vehicle.
  • All material carried on a vehicle must be securely contained or tied down so that it cannot fall off the vehicle.
  • Damages resulting from any of the above infractions may have to be paid for by the offender.
  • Unless you are riding in or on the vehicle, you must not hold onto a moving vehicle.
  • Passengers may not ride in or on a trailer.
  • The use of hand-held cellphones while driving is prohibited.
  • No one may ride on the exterior of a vehicle unless there is a space designed for passengers. This does not apply to construction, maintenance, firefighting, police or parade vehicles.
  • Passengers are not permitted to ride between the driver and the driver's door.
  • Passengers must not crowd the driver.
  • Drivers must have a clear view of the road to the front, sides and rear. Aftermarket tinting is not allowed on the windshield or front side windows.
  • No pedestrian, passenger or driver shall perform any stunt or activity that is likely to distract, startle or interfere with any other user of the road.
  • Dropping burning material or material that could damage tires onto a road is not permitted.
  • Vehicles must display a valid licence plate firmly secured to the rear of the vehicle and not obstructed in a manner that prevents the plate from being read or accurately photographed by a red light camera.


Rev: 2017