Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook

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Regulatory signs

One-way street or highway
Two-way traffic


Maximum speed
The maximum speed allowed under ideal conditions
Advance warning
Advance warning of a lower maximum speed zone ahead


Do not enter
Do not enter
Keep to the right
Keep to the right of traffic islands or obstruction


No U-turn
You must not turn your vehicle around in the roadway to travel in the opposite direction (no U-turn)
U-turn permitted
U-turn permitted


Passing not permitted
Passing not permitted
Passing permitted
Passing permitted


Dangerous goods carriers prohibited
Dangerous goods carriers prohibited
Dangerous goods
Dangerous goods route


No heavy trucks
No heavy trucks are allowed on roadway
Heavy trucks
Heavy trucks should use this roadway


Over dimensional
Over dimensional route
Weight limit
Weight limit of vehicle permitted on highway or bridge expressed in tonnes


Truck inspection station exit
Truck inspection station exit
Arrow indicates which side of road
Truck inspection station
Truck inspection station


The maximum speed allowed in a work zone*
The maximum speed allowed in a work zone
The fine for speeding triples when travelling greater than the posted speed limit past workers. Workers are identified as anyone within 3 km of a traffic control person, survey crew or highway workers sign identified on the Warning signs page.



Rev: 2017