Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook

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Parking lots

Many rules of the road that apply to highways and streets also apply to parking lots, such as speed, traffic control signs, following too closely, proper turns, signalling and backing.

When parking lanes and/or passageways intersect in a parking lot and don't have yield or stop signs, treat the area as an uncontrolled intersection - you must yield to the vehicle on the right.

In some areas there are main roadways that provide access to one or more parking lots – these are called thoroughfares. Thoroughfares lead into, through or out of a parking lot and aren't used for vehicle parking. Parking lanes and passageways within a parking lot must yield to thoroughfares.

Parking lot

In the above illustration:

  • Car A must yeild to the car on the right, Car B.
  • Car C must then yeild to the vehicle in the thoroughfare, Car D.


Rev: 2017