Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook

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Mandatory driver education

No holder of a Class 7 licence is eligible for a higher class of driver's licence unless the driver has completed the High School Driver Education Program or has received a minimum of six hours of in-car and six hours of in-class instruction from a certified driving instructor. Be sure to attend the parent information night sponsored by your high school educator.

The driver instructor will either add your training record to your electronic SGI customer file or issue a Driver Education Certificate. If there isn't a training record on your SGI customer file, you must present the Driver Education Certificate to the driver examiner at the time of your Class 5 road test(s).

If you're enrolled in the High School Driver Education Program, you will need to set up a free MySGI account to write your exam online. Any SGI motor licence issuer can set you up with an account. You will need to present your ID to complete this transaction.