Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook

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Driver's licence

On April 1, 2016, Saskatchewan issued the next version of our highly secure five-year driver’s licence and identification cards. These cards offer enhanced security features and meet international standards, and will integrate facial recognition technology. New driver’s licence and identification cards will only be issued to customers whose old card has expired, who are getting a driver’s licence/photo identification card for the first time, or who need to update information. It will take up to five years before every Saskatchewan driver has the new card.

One-part driver's licence

The driver's licence shown here was implemented on April 1, 2016.

You must produce your licence at the request of a peace officer. If you do not have your licence with you at the time, the officer may allow you up to 48 hours to produce it. If your licence includes any restrictions, you must obey the restrictions when driving. See restriction codes.

If you are a visitor to Saskatchewan, your existing licence gives you all of the same privileges it does in your home province, territory or state. As a visitor to Saskatchewan, you are not eligible to apply for a Saskatchewan driver’s licence. As a visitor, you are not required to register your vehicle in this province unless you become a resident.

Full-time students attending approved educational institutions, as well as their immediate families, do not have to exchange their driver's licence during the time they are living here to attend classes. If you become a Saskatchewan resident you may drive using your current driver's licence and vehicle plates for 90 days after taking up residence.

Restriction code

Amust wear prescribed glasses or contact lenses
Bmay not drive at night
Cmay only drive within a 40 kilometre radius of address shown on licence
Dmay only drive within a 80 kilometre radius of address shown on licence
Emay only drive outside the limits of a city, in a city as a learner
Fmust have two outside rear-view mirrors on vehicle
Gdriver must present Detail Authority Card
Hmotorcycles are limited to three-wheeled cycles, two-wheeled as a learner
Jmotorcycles are limited to cycles under 50 cc's, larger as a learner
Kschool bus capacity is limited to under 36 passengers
Lmay not operate Class 2, 4 or TNC vehicles
MClass 1-3 vehicles are limited to automatic/electronic shift transmission, standard transmission as a learner
Nmay only drive school bus with automatic transmission
Rmotorcycles are limited to 400cc's and under
Tmay not drive passengers for hire
Wrestricted commercial class (Canada only)

Endorsement code

Amay operate vehicle with air brakes
Gdriver must present Detail Authority Card
Sschool bus
1, 2, 3, 4may operate that class of vehicle as a learner
6may drive motorcycle as a learner