Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook

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Curves and corners

The techniques for driving around curves and corners are basically the same. In a curve or corner, the vehicle will want to go straight ahead while you want to turn. If you are going too fast, or if the road is slippery, the vehicle will win and you will not get around the corner or curve. Any speed or steering adjustments required while in the curve should be very gradual to avoid losing control of your vehicle.

The most important part of driving a curve or corner is to slow down before you get to it.

To drive around a sharp curve or corner, follow this procedure:

  1. Slow down. Take your foot off the accelerator and, if necessary, brake. It is important to brake in a straight line.
  2. In a manual transmission vehicle, shift to a lower gear so that you have enough power to accelerate through the curve or corner.
  3. Use the vision techniques for driving on a curve.
  4. Use your accelerator gently until you reach the mid-point of the curve, pushing down on the accelerator if you want the vehicle to go to the outside of the curve. Ease up on the accelerator if you want the vehicle to go to the inside of the curve or corner.
  5. Once you reach the mid-point of the curve, unwind the steering wheel and accelerate out of the curve.
Curves and corners


Rev: 2017