Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook

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Changing lanes

The procedure for changing lanes:

  1. Determine the need to change lanes well in advance. Make sure you know the conditions of your gate.
  2. Signal your intention to change lanes.
  3. Check your mirrors to see that the gate is open and that no one else is moving into it.
  4. Shoulder check to look for vehicles or obstructions in your blind spot.
  5. Look where you want the vehicle to go and steer there.
  6. Accelerate gently and steer the vehicle to the position where you are looking.
  7. When you are almost completely in the new lane, look ahead to a point where you propose to drive and your steering will adjust.
  8. Cancel signal. Check the condition of your new gates. Adjust your speed.

When moving through more than a single lane, make the change as one continual action. Only one signal is required, perform a shoulder check before moving your vehicle into each lane.



Rev: 2017