Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook

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Centre turning lanes

Centre lane

This sign indicates a two-way left turning lane. These are used in many communities, especially larger centres, to improve traffic flow and to allow for easier access to properties in mid-block.

The diagram indicates the correct turning procedure. Here are some other points to keep in mind when using centre turning lanes:

  • Enter the two-way left turning lane only at the point adjacent to the property you want to access (see arrow for car A).
  • Left turns from either direction may be made from the two-way left turning lane.
  • These lanes also allow for left turns from a driveway (see arrow for car B).
  • The centre turning lanes may not be used as a passing lane or as a driving lane.
  • Where a centre turning lane is provided, you may not make a left turn from any other lane.
Centre lane diagram


Rev: 2017