Air Brake Manual

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Steep downgrade

In some provinces, signs are posted in advance of steep or long downgrades:

These signs indicate that you must stop the vehicle in the pull-out area and inspect the vehicle’s braking system before proceeding. Check:

  1. Compressor is maintaining full reservoir pressure.
  2. Push rod travel is within limitations on all chambers.
  3. No audible air leaks.
  4. Glad hands and lines are secure.
  5. Drums, bearings and tires are at normal operating temperature.

You must be aware of the condition of the vehicle’s braking system at all times. You should be able to notice any defects developing in the braking system and be aware that service or adjustments are required.

The extent of the driver’s responsibility to make repairs will depend on factors such as the maintenance policy of the company and the driver’s mechanical experience.

Push rod stroke and force


Rev: 2018