Air Brake Manual

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Requirement for A Endorsement

You must have an Endorsement A on your licence to operate a vehicle equipped with an air brake system. The Endorsement A is not required when operating Class 3 or 5 vehicles licensed as a farm truck, or trucks with air over hydraulic brakes. You may also operate a vehicle equipped with air brakes as a learner while accompanied by a person who has an Endorsement A on their licence, provided your licence permits you to operate that type of vehicle under normal conditions.

To qualify for an A Endorsement you must:

  • pass a written air brake knowledge test
  • complete a practical demonstration, without any assistance and without using a checklist, on air brake equipment that you provide

When you’re ready to book your written air brake knowledge test or practical air brake demonstration you can call 1-844-TLK-2SGI (1-844-855-2744), press two at the prompt or request the exam office, have them book it and pay for it then by credit card. Your written air brake knowledge test can also be scheduled online and paid for at MySGI (

You will need to show proof of identity before you can take either your written air brake test or practical demonstration.


Rev: 2018